• Powering the future of global business payments¹

    Visa B2B Connect is a non-card-based payment network that enables seamless bank-to-bank cross-border business transactions.

Illustration of Visa B2B Connect cross-border payment.

Flow diagram for legacy bilateral transaction.
Flow diagram for Visa B2B Connect transaction.

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Confirmed payment icon.
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Network scale

Visa has the proven ability to achieve unsurpassed network scale, with VisaNet connecting over 15,500 financial institutions worldwide ², processing up to 65,000+ transaction messages per second ³ across 200+ countries and 160+ currencies.


Visa has thousands of bank clients across hundreds of countries connected to VisaNet and the relationships needed to create the network effect for Visa B2B Connect.


Visa is a financial technology innovator with a decades-long track record for speed and security.

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