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Spend less time processing payments

Reduce inefficiencies and boost your control over the payments process with Visa Payables Automation.

How it works

Streamline the way you pay suppliers.
Illustration: mobile phone displaying data transfer.

Send files

Step 1: Send files to Visa or your commercial banker.
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Process files

Step 2: Visa processes these accounts payable files.
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Adjust limits

Step 3: Visa adjusts card limits to approved invoice amounts
Illustration: tablet displaying electronic reconciliation file.

Send notice

Step 4: Visa sends remittance notices to your suppliers.
Visa credit card illustration.

Card charged

Step 5: Your supplier charges the commercial card.

Track records

Step 6: Visa creates an electronic reconciliation file.

Control spending

Visa can automatically adjust your commercial card limit to match approved invoices, reducing the risk of unauthorised activities.

Optimise cash flow

Since your supplier charges a Visa account, you don’t have to pay until you receive a consolidated bill from your bank.

Pay suppliers

Get the advantages of automated payments.
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Take charge of your accounts

Streamlined payments, increased efficiencies.