Celebrate every step with Visa

Everything comes down to the small choices that become small victories. Even the ones that become lessons. Because every moment counts. Every moment leads to something bigger. And in those small steps, in life and on the field, lies the joy of big moments. It’s a reminder that on our journey we should take a minute to enjoy the smaller moments. Because they matter. Visa is that wise coach on your journey, encouraging you to take that step and enjoy all the moments.

A soccer player dribbles the ball on the field

Dare to take the next step

A soccer player is on the roof and kicks the ball with his head

The Crossbar Challenge

Young footballer demonstrates the power of small steps. The popular Crossbar Challenge is the perfect example of how honing accuracy and skill takes commitment and passion.

A smiling woman with a guitar

It All Comes Down to the Little Things

Like soccer, a great sound connects millions of people around the world. Music creation shows us how the power of a beautiful voice and a unique sound work together to produce something memorable.


As the exclusive payment partner for the TotalEnergies CAF AFCON Côte d’Ivoire 2023, VISA will bring its payment technology to customers and connect African football’s passionate and engaged fans and spectators through unique and unforgettable experiences during the competition.

To keep the game alive and thriving, our work will go on after the tournament. Continuing our legacy of empowering athletes and building a more inclusive world through sport, VISA is delighted to invest, develop, and grow football academies for boys and girls, men and women on the African Continent.